Welcome to Missoula Real Estate Meetup

The Missoula Real Estate Meetup has three main goals:

1. Learn more about the Missoula Market

2. Make authentic connections

3. Share strategies and information

As always, there will be no selling of any products or services, and it's always free to attend.

We meet the third Tuesday of every month at the Highlander, at 6:00 PM. We usually have 30-40 attendees. 

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Upcoming Speakers

We always start with a guest speaker that has been recommended by a member as an experienced and connected member of the Missoula Real Estate industry (Ex. property manager, developer, agent, title insurance, lawyer, home insurance, etc.). There is usually between 15-30 minutes of a presentation, then some question and answer time. We spend the rest of the time making friends, drinking beer, discussing deals, and potential partnerships. Our upcoming speakers are below:

Connor McMahon- July 16th

Sterling CRE

Connor has extensive experience as a Commercial Real Estate Agent, and Sterling CRE does an excellent job of gathering current data. He will share updated data on the Missoula market across all asset classes, with a particular focus on multifamily.

Scott Falagan- August 20th

Farmer's State Bank

Scott is the Senior Vice President at Farmer's State Bank, as well as the Chief Retail Banking Officer overseeing deposits and residential lending. Scott has 25 years of banking experience and brings a wealth of experience and expertise in all facets of banking. He looks forward to sharing a brief overview of community banking, solutions for multi-million dollar FDIC insurance, as well as exploring creative options within the Farmers State Bank portfolio loan program.

Matt Gehr- October 15th

Mann Mortgage

Matt is an experienced loan officer with Mann Mortgage. He has been in the banking industry for over 11 years and has worked in mortgage for eight. Matt is especially skilled working with complex income and asset structures, as well as self-employed borrowers. He will give insight into the current market, and what home buyers and investors can do to get a loan that fits their needs.

The Missoula Real Estate Meetup Team

Dedicated to building a stronger Missoula Real Estate Community

Keith Miller: President

Founding Partner and Director of Operations of the Upslope Group. The Upslope Group LLC is a Missoula based Manufactured Home Community Development Company. Our mission is to provide investors with a high return by designing and building Manufactured and Modular Home Communities at a price the average person can afford to buy. Our success is built upon our development experience in the Missoula Valley, and a relentless focus on learning and executing the best practices in the Manufactured Home Community industry. Check us out at www.UpslopeGroup.com

I'm a former Middle School Teacher and 5th generation Montanan, and was born and raised in Missoula. I am passionate about building more housing for Missoula in a sustainable way to solve our housing crisis. I'm sharing what I'm doing openly so that more Missoulians can housing, and we can together solve this housing crisis in a sustainable way and build a walkable, bike-able Missoula.

I sincerely believe that converting garages to ADUs and building backyard townhouses is a potential solution to the Missoula housing crisis, because the core issue we have is low supply and high demand. By increasing the supply of housing, the demand will fall, and the rent increases that we are seeing will slow.

I donate more than 5 percent of my income to causes that improve the health of children, pregnant mothers, and families in low income communities. I am increasing my charitable contributions by 1% every year after that.

Learn more here

Brady Potts: Vice President

Focused on small-multifamily and branching into larger buildings, he currently has 6 units and several projects underway. Believing in a holistic approach, Brady looks to meld the concepts of sustainability, profit, and community wellness into all his ventures. He's currently focused on multifamily acquisitions and sustainably-built development.

Ryan Frey

Senior Advisor

As the experience owner of Saddle Mountain Construction, as well as a co-owner of Continuum Building Group, Ryan has a wealth of experience in the building industry. He is currently working on several large projects in Missoula, and has deep knowledge of the Missoula market.